US Govt. Reports Significant Decrease in the Claim Applications for Unemployment Benefits

The unemployment benefit claims in the U. S, have gone down to 410000 (marking a decrease of 41000 claims). The numbers of claims have reduced as the adverse effects of the super-storm Sandy has started to fade away; more than 100 lost their lives, whereas around 8 million people were left to survive in the absence of power and communication. The numbers of claims lately have been linked with the effects of Sandy; earlier factors were mainly the global recession and “fiscal cliff”.

According to Ryan Sweet, an economist from Pennsylvania, the unemployment scenario in the U. S, will stay same for a while due to the uncertain situation about the “fiscal cliff”.

The Claims till last week were reported to be around 451000 as compare to 439000 reported earlier. The stock exchange indexes were also found to be oscillating between losses and gains.

Situation in New York & New Jersey

As far as the number of applications received this week in New York and New Jersey is concerned, there has been an increase in the both the places. Similarly around forty other states have reported an increase in the number of applications whereas around thirteen territories have shown a decrease in the number of claims.

As per the reports from Labour Department, the number of people still given unemployment benefits has decreased though the figure does not include the people with extended benefits from the federal schemes. The effects of the super storm Sandy is still visible as still many states were found receiving excess applications. The number of people receiving emergency benefits jumped to almost 2.2 million from 62000 only.

Retail Sales

It will take a long time before the effect of Sandy will completely eliminate as there are workers who have lost their jobs and are still filing claim applications. The retail sales in the Malls and Automobile industries have also been hit by the storm.

Many companies in Europe were already hit by recession and were apprehensive about the possible $ 607 billion fiscal cliff of spending cuts and tax increase in the month of January. In such circumstances, Sandy’s effects have been really devastating for many companies and it is possible that the growth rate in immediate future will be really low.

Despite many lows, there are a few companies, which are still hiring fresh staff. The Chrysler Group LLC has appointed around 1250 workers to increase the production of pickups and engines in their three plants. Similar situation has been observed in the housing market.  The Chief Financial Officer of D. R. Horton Incorporation, Bill Wheat, and the housing sector is witnessing a tiny job growth situation. An overall improvement in the economy and the job market is expected to ensure a long term growth in the housing sector.

Canada Stocks – TSX Jumps on U.S. Budget Hopes

Canada’s major stock index climbed 0.1%; the increase was led by energy stock and material as commodity prices came up on trusts that the U.S budget crisis might be avoided.

Republicans and Democrats on Sunday said that they are working on a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff”, a combination of spending cuts and tax increases beginning early in 2013 unless there is an agreement on Capitol Hill.

Irwin Michael, ABC Funds portfolio manager, said that if the market feels some deal might be crafted, it will progress. He said that the market was letdown. If we obtain some good news, it will be mirrored in the stocks.

The Toronto Stock Exchange’s S&P/TSX combined index rose 1.08 percent or 128.08 points, at 12,005.80. The 10 main segments on the index were up.

Energy stocks were up by 1.67%, tracking high oil prices. Suncor Energy Inc stocks rose 3.65% at 32.69 and played a major role of any sole stock in heading the market higher.

Sid Mokhtari, the director of institutional equity research at CIBC World Markets and market technician said that as the energy sector grows, TSX does the same. He stated that the energy segment had fallen much since achieving highs in September.

Oil prices were up more than 2% due to the increasing aggression in the Middle East concerns on oil supplies. Goldcorp Inc rose 2.64% at C$40.77, and Barrick Gold Corp was up 1.33 % to C%34.22. That made the material groups that include mining stocks up by 1.87 percent. The fall in the dollar rate made gold price to rise by 1 percent.

Michael said that there is a disconnection between the regular shares of gold, gas, and oil companies when compared to the commodities of gas, oil, and gold. The market is extremely undervalued.

Agrium Inc share value rose 1.84 percent to C$99.61 following the launching of a proxy battle by its major shareholder Jana Partners. It named nominees to the board of Agrium.

The financial segment, which is the biggest on the index rose by 0.82 percent. Royal Bank of Canada increased by 1.60% at C$56.51 and the Bank of Nova Scotia stocks rose 0.74% to C$53.40.

Astral Media Inc shares climbed up by 3.15 percent when Canada’s major telecom supplier, BCE Inc revealed that it might get a regulatory sanction for an altered C$3 billion program to take over Astral Media Inc.

Know About EAMCET Counselling Procedures

After EAMCET, the most difficult process for an engineering applicant comes in the form of counselling. It must be completed to get admission in the reputed institutions in AP. Since students have to select what course or field they want to get into, they would be under tremendous pressure. Eamcet Mock Counselling officials, however, make arrangements in order to make sure that the procedure is a smooth affair, allowing candidates to choose college and courses, without meeting any problems.  Kadapa has been recently added as the new centre to the existing ones at Warangal, Tirupati, Guntur, Vishakapatnam, and Hyderabad. This has helped students and families of Rayala Seema areas save time and cut down travel expenses.

The Counselling Procedure

Eamcet Mock Counseling takes place simultaneously at all the centres. DTE department conducts counselling issue announcement in well-known newspaper, providing details about the ranking numbers to be called each day and the official documents should be presented at the centres.

Mandatory Requirements

As per the present rules, students are required to bring their 10th, PUC (intermediate) marks card, caste certificate issued by RDO or MRO, study certificate from class 6th to 12th, income certificate, and other applicable details. For non-local or NRIs, a proof certifying ten years of stay in the state has to be obtained. As per the ranking, students would be called and sent into waiting hall and then to registration counter, where applicants will register time of reporting, rank category, hall ticket number and full name and put their sign on the form.

The Verifications

All the original certificates would be checked at the verification counter and if the details are correct, a sheet will be pinned on them and then they will be sent to the actual counselling counter. There is no unique rule or procedure followed and all are similar, conducting at all the centres in the states.

Additional information about the college, faculty, and hostel facilities, etc will also be provided. Applicants need to list five options of colleges and courses and based on that, full details would be displayed on the computer.

Students can be accompanied with one of the parents or guardian at the allotment counter. Once the candidate selects his/her option, officers will update their system that would be sent to the main server. Confused about selecting the right branch or college, you can check out the options and other useful tips on CareerCage.

Online Computer Training Classes for Microsoft Excel

These days, online classrooms are becoming very successful in almost all fields. Worldwide online tutors are becoming famous and the advantage of such trainings is that even a student from a remote area can get the benefit of world-class classrooms. The only thing one needs is a computer and an Internet connection. Almost all courses from K.G level to P.G level are being taught online today.

microsoft excel

With this becoming more and more popular, every student or client is now able to get the advantage of being taught by the best possible teachers sitting at home or office only. Computer training for several tools are among the most famous ones. Skilled and learned professionals take the class.

For training excel, one should have a detailed knowledge about the subject itself first. Then, one needs to draw a synopsis of the course to be taught to the students who are willing to get training. The computer classes for training excel can be divided into stages if not in one full go. The excel course of intermediate level can be designed in the following manner.

  1. How to Calculate the Given Data Using Advanced Formulas in Excel Can Make One Category: Under this, minimum four levels can be created as the first to be managing cell and the range names. The second one will be how to use specialized functions in Excel followed by the guidance about how to calculate different data across the worksheets and then comes the ways to analyze those data using logical functions and lookup functions.
  2. How to Organize the Worksheet and Table Data Can Be the Second Module: Under this again, four levels can be made. The first one will be how to create and to modify the tables. The next will be to teach about formatting tables. Another task under this category would be to sort or how to filter the “worksheet” or “table data” and how to calculate data in a worksheet or table in Excel.
  3. How to Present Data by Taking Help from the Charts in Excel: This may include three levels for learning. The first one is to create or make a chart using tools in Excel and then modify them using different options available and lastly how to format charts.
  4. How to Analyze Data by Using Pivot Charts and PivotTables: This may be divided again into several steps like creating a PivotTable report and analyzing data by using PivotCharts.
  5. How to Insert Objects or Graphic Objects: This will include inserting and modifying different ClipArt and pictures, drawing and modifying shapes, illustrating workflow by using SmartArt and also how to layer and group the graphic objects.
  6. How to Customize and Enhance Workbooks and Excel Environment: This may include teachings about managing themes, creating and using templates.

The teachers try to focus on training the students to be ready for online working environment through satellite classes. They provide training at the office, conference room, and home or any other location for your convenience. All the sessions can be catered depending on the particular needs.

6 Fantastic Tips to Write a Killer Resume

Going through several resumes is a tedious process, finger shredding, and mind numbing work for the recruiters. So, it’s important that you, as a candidate, spend a good deal of time and efforts on writing a killer resume that doesn’t fail to attract the attention of the recruiters.

But, even after spending lots of time for finding the right kind of resume, and then creating one based on similar lines, if you fail to impress the recruiters, then it can be utter waste of all your time.

There are many tricks for writing your resume for getting employed in a good and esteemed organization. You do not need a writer to write a resume that can get noticed; just follow these 6 simple tips, and rest assured that your CV will stand out of even thousands of CVs submitted to a recruitment agency.

Be Organized

  • Stop stressing, and splitting hairs over your resume writing for several hours. Just be organized by taking a chill pill. Putting words on your papers does require little attention after all. But, if you find a job, then you need to write a good job description according to that specific requirement. It is impossible for you to tailor accomplishments and skills to suit employer’s job needs, but you must keep it relevant.
  • Research the employer’s expectations and little research will help you in addressing the company needs. Knowing the company needs for hiring a position is the key to success. You need to match the employer’s job requirements, and your resume is bound to stand out if you succeed to you frame it accordingly.

Be Clear and Succinct

Prospective employers scan only resumes. They can conclude if it’s a “yes” or “no” within a few seconds after reading the CV. In order to get shortlisted among thousands of resumes, you need to follow few concise tips mentioned here –

  • Use bulleted points to highlight your strengths and core skills
  • Write short sentences,
  • Use action verbs as well as active voice, and
  • Avoid reiterating the same thing over and again

Action verbs offer strength to your resume, direction, and power, and help it stand out.

Use Quantitative Figures

Employers like numerical figures. Make use of statistics to highlight your career achievements. However, you need to be specific to the point, and refrain from going off-topic.

Use White Spaces Generously But Don’t Overuse Them

No one is interested to see the cluttered mess. If you want to get shortlisted and face the interview, make your resume readable with enough white spaces. You can remove the experiences, jobs, and skills, which don’t match the job requirements of employer. However, don’t leave too many lines between the points, otherwise usage of excessive whitespaces can actually work against you.

Size Matters the Most

Keep your resume short and concise. When a hiring manager doesn’t like the first page, he/she won’t have any intentions of even looking at the subsequent pages. But, in an attempt to put too much on the same page, shrinking the font size below 10 can make your CV unreadable. Additionally, don’t keep your CV lengthier than 3 pages.

Use Right Format

You need to follow three basic formats: Functional, Chronological, and Combination. If you have large work gap in your history, and been employed in many organizations, you can follow the combination type of resume format download to make your resume look more effective.

So, follow these 6 tips to create a killer resume, and employers are bound to contact you soon after they come across your profile.